The Midwich Cuckoos

UK / Sky / 8×50 m-e / 2022

8 part scoff thriller based on the novel by John Wyndham. An alien presence completely dominates a small English village for a full day putting everyone to sleep. When they awaken, they find that many of the women in the town are pregnant.

Cast: Keeley Hawes (Susannah Zellaby), Max Beesley (Paul Haynes), Aisling Loftus (Zoe Moran), Ukweli Roach (Sam Clyde), Lara Rossi (Jodie Blake), Synnøve Karlsen (Cassie Stone), Samuel West (Bernard Westcott), Scarlett Leigh (Hannah Moran (Young)), Erin Ainsworth (Lily-Grace Phillips (Young)), Billie Gadsdon (Evie Stone (Young)), Kaylen Luke (Ezra (Young)), Kimara-Mai Petit (Olive Randall (Young)), Jude Ible-Thompson (Nathan Blake (Young)), Jimmy Bone (Joe Saunders (Young)), Amelie Bea Smith (Charlotte McLean (Young)),