USA / CBS – Martin Manulis – TCF / 147x30m-e / 1959–63 black and white

Creator: Max Shulman / Executive Producer: Martin Manulis / Producers: Rod Amateau, Joel Kane, Guy Scarpitta

Sitcom. Good old all American teen Dobie Gillis grows up in Central City, where his parents run a grocery store. Dobie’s head is full of big plans but unfortunately that’s where they usually stayed. After a spell in the army and then at college, the show ended.

Then on 10 May 1977 a one off special appeared called Whatever Happened to Dobie Gillis? In which the now well into adulthood Dobie (married to Zelda) runs the grocery store with his Dad and also has a young teenage son of his own.

Another sequel appeared on 21 Feb 1988 called Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis offering more of the same.

Cast: DWAYNE HICKMAN as Dobie Gillis / FRANK FAYLEN as Herbert T. Gillis / FLORIDA FRIEBUS as Winifred ‘Winnie’ Gillis / SHEILA JAMES as Zelda Gilroy / BOB DNEVER as Maynard Krebs / TUESDAY WELD as Thalia Menninger(59–60) / WARREN BEATTY as Milton Armitage(59–60) / DARRYL HICKMAN as Davey Gillis(59–60) / BOBBY DIAMOND as Duncan ‘Dunky’ Gillis / TOMMY FARRELL as Riff Ryan / YVONNE LIME as Melissa Frome