USA / Comedy Central / x30 minute episodes / 1999–2004

Creators: Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla, Daniel Kellison / Executive Producers: Howard Lapides, David G. Stanley, Scott A. Stone

As soon as the theme tune and opening credits kick in featuring scantily clad girls you know just what you are in for with The Man Show. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla The Man Show takes a very sideways look at being a man, shot in front of a studio audience Jimmy and Adam crack jokes, perform sketches and allow near naked women to drape themselves all over them.

Highlights include the very hilarious “Man Show Boy” (the true stand out of the series) taking a supposedly 11 year old boy out on the street to ask some very rude and personal questions to passers by. Other segments included Jimmy’s “Father and Son” heart to hearts with his own son as well as Adam’s Karl Malone impersonation.