The Addams Family (ABC 1992-93, John Astin)

They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They’re all together ooky, The Addams Family.

If you know the theme song, then you know that the Addams Family is coming to a television near you. This animated series is the fourth incarnation of the creepy characters based on the macabre family comics created by Charles Addams. It first came out as a television series in the 1960’s. They then became animated in the 70’s, first in their own animated series, and then an appearance in The New Scooby-Doo Movies around the same time. The family then went movie-bound in the early 90’s as they were put on the big screen. It was a hit at the box office, which prompted a sequel (Addams Family Values), but before then, this second animated series that features the gang of macabre miscreants who have their own unusual ways of having fun adventures.


Gomez is the family patriarch. He’s a multi-millionaire who’s an expert at fencing and wrestling. He always looks for a great challenge that he can take head on, usually with reckless abandon. If the end result is getting a wrenched back or pummeled to a pulp, all the better!

Morticia is Gomez’s beautiful, albeit pale-skinned wife who can easily get him in the mood when she speaks French to him. She’s an expert gardener who takes care of her man-eating plant Contessa and also an artist of the macabre who utilizes living paints that can literally bring her unusual creations to life.

Pugsley and Wednesday are Gomez and Morticia’s children who enjoy playing with each other using a whole lot of toys at their disposal ranging from clubs, board with nails, swords, axes, and explosives.

Uncle Fester is Gomez’s brother and loves blowing himself up with explosives and can never resist an opportunity to get burned, cinged, flattened, pummeled, growing boils, lesions, or other weird and grotesque skin marks, and even getting eaten by animals, particularly the family’s pet alligator Snappy.

Granny Frump is the family elder who has psychic abilities that she utilizes to run her psychic hotline for customers wanting a glimpse to their future. Of course, she wants to get a good future for herself if she can get an attractive man for herself. Most times however, they run away.

Lurch is the Addams family’s faithful butler who cooks, cares for the house in destructive fashion, tends to each family member’s needs no matter what the request, and plays an assortment of music instruments, particularly the harpsichord, to get the gang prepared for the weird and unusual family dances that end most episodes.

Thing is always around to lend a helping hand, mainly because he is one–that is, a disembodied hand ready to offer assistance when he’s needed.

Cousin Itt is the overly hairy, shaggy member of the family who works for the government as a spy and whenever he visits, tells the family of his various adventures. Occasionally, he brings his work home with him when a megalomaniac or enemy twin spies try to get him. But the family doesn’t mind as they can help their cousin out for adventures of their own.


The Normanmeyers are neighbors to the Addams Family, who are naive to realize they want to be rid of them. Husband Norman runs the Normanwear Underwear company and his wife Normina are the traditional, conservative type who regard the Addams family as a blight to the neighborhood and plot to make them look bad in hope someone can remove them from the picutre. Not all of them think negatively of them as their son N.J. (Norman Junior) admires them and is a friend to Pugsley and Wednesday.

The Addams Family animated series was a Hanna-Barbera series that permiered September 12, 1992 on ABC. It ran for 2 seasons with 13 episodes and shorts the first season with 8 more sets of episodes the following season. It’s among several HB series that can be occasionally seen on Boomerang from Cartoon Network.

Last episode: A Girl and a Ghoul / A Little Bit of Pugsley / Ask Granny
A Girl and a Ghoul Wednesday wins the chance to meet her favorite TV star, Graveyard Gary. Gomez feels snubbed when it seems he’s no longer her hero. A Little Bit of Pugsley Pugsley’s in the dumps because he’s the only member of the family not to have created an Addams family dance. Thing helps him by shrinking him down to size so he can see things from the hand’s point of view. Ask Granny Granny hosts an TV advice show and helps answer her viewers’ letters.
Aired: Saturday November 6, 1993

voice cast
John Astin – Gomez Addams
Nancy Linari – Morticia Addams
Rip Taylor – “Uncle” Fester Addams
Debi Derryberry – Wednesday Addams
Jeannie Elias – Pugsley Addams
Jim Cummings – Lurch
Carol Channing – Granny Frump
Pat Fraley – Cousin Itt
Rob Paulsen – Norm Normanmeyer
Edie McClurg – Normina Normanmeyer

Network: ABC
Status: Ended
Premiered: September 12, 1992
Last Aired: November 6, 1993
Show Categories: Animation, Children