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Sliced: We Only Wanted 20p | Dave | 2021-06-17


Sliced: We Only Wanted 20p | Dave | 2021-06-17

It’s Naomi’s 25th birthday, and the Sliced team are out on the town. Tika and Naheema want Naomi to have a night so good she won’t be able to tell her grandkids about it so, despite Naomi’s hesitation about drinking, the shots keep on coming. And coming. Watching from across the club, Ricky eggs on Josh to move things on with Naomi tonight – a girl’s only 25 once and she’ll want the night to be special, after all.

Airs 2021-06-17 at 22:00 
Network: Dave

Quick show summary

Sliced focuses on Joshua and Ricky, two mates who are pizza delivery drivers in South London. They just want to make some money, move out of their mums’ and meet some women – is that too much to ask for? If only all the ridiculous stuff that keeps happening to them would stop getting in the way…

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