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Sliced: I’m Vegan Now | Dave | 24 Jun 2021


Sliced: I’m Vegan Now | Dave | 24 Jun 2021

If there was one person Ricky didn’t want to see today, it was his ex-girlfriend, Casey. Controlling, domineering and very happy to use blackmail to get what she wants, Casey never turns up anywhere without wanting something. In this case, it’s a babysitter. For two kids. For two days. While she leaves the country. Nice guy Ricky just can’t say no so now he needs help from his mates to deal with baby Tyrese and Jensen, a fifteen-year-old who Joshua just knows is up to no good. Slowly but surely, everyone falls under Jensen’s spell until a workers’ revolt at Sliced causes all hell to break loose.

Airs 24 Jun 2021 at 22:00 
Network: Dave

Quick show summary

Sliced focuses on Joshua and Ricky, two mates who are pizza delivery drivers in South London. They just want to make some money, move out of their mums’ and meet some women – is that too much to ask for? If only all the ridiculous stuff that keeps happening to them would stop getting in the way…

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