Mr Harvey Lights A Candle (BBC One 2005 Drama, Timothy Spall)

Drama. Mr Harvey (Timothy Spall), a mild-mannered and maligned widowed teacher, takes a party of schoolchildren to visit Salisbury cathedral. He also has an ulterior motive as he is treating it as a pilgrimage to the place where he first met his late wife.

UK / BBC One / 1×85 minutes / Broadcast 26 March 2005

Writer: Rhidian Brook / Dirctor: Susanna White / Producer: Paul Rutman

Cast: TIMOTHY SPALL as Malcolm Harvey / CELIA IMRIE as Fran Davies / BEN MILES as Jonathan Cole / NATALIE PRESS as Helen Taylor / DAVID BRADLEY as Archie / DANIEL BLISS as Phil Rogers / JODY LATHAM as Andy Wilson / STEVEN WEBB as Dave Miller