Martial Law (CBS 1998-2000, Sammo Hung, Arsenio Hall)

USA / CBS – Carlton Cuse – Ruddy Morgan – TCF / x60m-e / 1998–2000

Creator: Carlton Cuse / Executive Producers: Carlton Cuse, Andre Morgan, Stanley Tong, / Martial Arts Choreographer: Stanley Tong

Crime drama series. A bulky Shanghai cop heads West to become a member of the Los Angeles Police Department where he often finds himself called upon to use his Karate skills.

Cast: Sammo Hung (Sammo Law), Kelly Hu (Chen Pei Pei), Louis Mandylor (Det. Louis Malone), Tom Wright (Capt. Benjamin Winship), Tammy Lauren (Det. Dana Dickson), Johnny Trí Nguyễn (Street Thug), Arsenio Hall (Terrell Parker), Gretchen Egolf (Amy Dylan)