USA / Fox / x60m-e / 1995–2001

Prime time comedy sketch series that had in its genesis elements of the long running comic of the same name, although not much content from the magazines was actually used. A kind of Fox version of Saturday Night Live.

Regulars were Nelson Ascencio (1999–2001), Alex Borstein(1997-), Andrew Bowen (1998–1999), Frank Caliendo(2001- ), Bryan Callen(1995–1997), Mo Collins(1998-), Andrew Daly(2000-), Christian Duguay (2000–2001), David Herman (1995–1997), Kathryn Fiore.(2001- ), Chris Hogan (1997–1998), Orlando Jones (1995–1997), Taran Killam. (2001-), Pat Kilbane (1997–2000), Lisa Kushell. (1997–1998).

Some big name guest stars appeared including Pam Grier, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rodney Dangerfield and Halle Berry.