UK / BBC2 / 4x60m-e / 1–22 May 1986

Written by Farrukh Dhondy / Script editor Caroline Oulton / Music by Dave Kelly and Peter Filleul / Production designed by Peter Higgins / Produced by W. Stephen Gilbert / Directed by Roy Battersby

Drama serial. In the East End of London a young white man sets up a plan to create houses for the Bangladeshi community by setting squatting rights in a number of properties.

Shot on location in the heart of London’s Bengali community.

Cast: Tim Roth (Matthew Long), Zia Mohyeddin (Timur Hussein), Ajay Kumar (Raja), Gwyneth Strong (Sadie Deedes), Dinesh Shukla (Saliq), Ian Dury (Sammy), Aftab Sachak (Riaz Miah), Shelley King (Nasreen)