UK / ITV – Thames / 12x50m-e / 1988

Creator: Ian Kennedy Martin / Producer: Peter Duguid

Crime drama series. Cases of a pair of debt collectors. There was a pilot broadcast in 1985 under the Storyboard banner.

Ex-detective Ronald King has created the Manor Debt Collection Agency with David Castle, a young, somewhat naive martial arts specialist and part-time genealogist, after abruptly leaving the Met before his dubious activities finally caught up with him. Castle’s abilities, as well as King’s previous police contacts, come in helpful in his new line of business, and the chalk-and-cheese combination manages to stay on the right side of the law while dealing with a variety of deceptive, often dangerous customers.

Cast: Derek Martin (Ronald King), Nigel Planer (David Castle), Mary Healey (Miss Wilmott), Andrew Cruickshank (Mr. Hodinett)