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Big Zuu’s Big Eats: Harry Redknapp | Dave | Mon 21 Jun 2021


Big Zuu’s Big Eats: Harry Redknapp | Dave | Mon 21 Jun 2021

Harry’s on a rare day off and once he’s finished his round of golf is hoping Zuu can provide his unique take on fish and chips, cheese toasties and bread and butter pudding. As a manager who coached numerous players from West Africa, Zuu is also keen to give Harry a taste of his Sierra Leonian roots. It’s a far cry from where the boys grew up – but Zuu, Tubsey and Hyder are quick to settle in and make themselves at home at this exclusive golf venue.

Airs Mon 21 Jun 2021 at 22:00 
Network: Dave

Quick show summary

Grime artist Big Zuu has a hidden talent – he’s also a great cook. His only professional experience may have been six months working the grill at Nando’s, but now, this self-taught chef is hitting the road with his old school mates Tubsey and Hyder, looking to cook up amazing dishes in the back of his very own food truck for a selection of the UK’s favourite comedians.

As a musician, Zuu knows all about the difficulties of finding good food on tour – but how does the comedy circuit compare? In this series he’s meeting top comics – including Jimmy Carr, Josh Widdicombe, Jamali Maddix and London Hughes – to cook them the perfect post-gig rider, ready for when they come off stage.

And for each meal he adds his own signature twist – from using Doritos as a topping on fried chicken, to cramming an entire roast dinner into a Yorkshire pudding sandwich – this is cooking like you’ve never seen it before, but will it be enough for some of the biggest names in British comedy?

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