Australia / ABC TV – McElroy&McElroy – Film Accord / 2x120m-e / 1988

Writer: David Williamson / Camera: James Bartle / Design: Murray Picknett / Costume: David Rowe / Music: Brian May / Producer: Hal McElroy / Director: Robert Markowitz

Thriller serial. TV Reporter Tony O’Neill covers the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.

Cast: GARY BUSEY as Tony O’Neill / REBECCA GILLING as Angie Fox / RUBEN RUSTIA as President Marcos / TESSIE TOMAS as Imelda Marcos / LAURIE GUILLEN as Cory Aquino / JAMES HANDY as Mike Heseltine / JOONEE GAMBOA as Juan ‘Johnny’ Ponce Enrile / ARTHUR SHERMAN as Alex / DAVE BRODETT as Galman / LEAH CABUSI as Kris Aquino / PITA LIBORO as ‘Ballsy’ Aquino